Update 0.3 is out!

Hey guys! After a month of dealing with some weird bugs with Unreal Engine, we've finally managed to get the game's new features working how they're supposed to!

Update Log

1. New items!

  • New Jump animation
  • New Menu Screen
  • New WIP Armory Screen
  • New animations for Main Menu (With more to come!)
  • New props added (Some have yet to be implemented, but they exist!)

2. Fixes:

  • Scaled some props to better fit the aspect Ratio of paper Samurai. (1:10)
  • Destroyed some nasty bugs in the code
  • Optimized size of download (Again)


One Thousand Paper Cuts( (286 MB)
Version 4 73 days ago

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The game will be available in 4 days.

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